Mission/Mandate Statement

As Americans we have the awesome opportunity (and obligation) to express how we value, appreciate and love the sacrifice(s) and service of Veterans and their families.

Continually, consistently and creatively we must say AND show our gratitude. This is the most powerful expression of true patriotism.

Because together, we are more valuable and have greater strength, Vets Lives Matter NOW, Inc. serves to broaden and strengthen Veterans appreciation with accountable advocacy.

Together we can all say AND show our appreciation with approaches that bring greater resources and more viable solutions to the forefront.


Our chief goal and purpose is to ensure the delivery of these services to our veterans by: highlighting services, connecting Veterans to solution-driven providers and bridging the gap.

Highlighting Services

To make Veterans aware of existing services that are available to assist them in conquering their unique and reoccurring problem areas.

Connections to Solution-Driven Providers

Ensuring that veterans know how to gain access to proven service providers.

Bridging the Gap

To knowledgeable consultants/advocates that are working with proven service providers to understand the various service needs of our veterans.

VLMNow 5 Principle Pillars of Purpose

Vets Lives Matter NOW – The Movement

Provide a national platform for Americans to consistently and substantively say ...

You are not invisible – NOW We See YOU!

Disabled Medical Services Connection: Did you know disabled veterans may be

Homeless Female Veterans

Genesis Joy House, Comprehensive Transitional Housing to address the growing problem of women veteran homelessness

Wellness that Works

Highlight nontraditional approaches to health and wellness that focus on root causes
-Functional Wellness Doctors

March for Our Vets 2020

Will need volunteers: Regional Ambassadors/ Captains…etc. to coordinate participation from their respective area of the countryl
VLMNow Core C.A.R.E. Values

To bring innovative, continuous measures of “C.A.R.E” back into the way we serve our veterans and their family.


Action & Accountability

Respect & Responsiveness


Caring is as contagious as apathy. Vets Lives Matter NOW, Inc. is committed to showing Veterans and military families that Americans truly CARE! Spread the cause of care.

C.A.R.E. is the Cure!

C.A.R.E. Initiatives:

Homeless Women Veterans

Our Flagship Commitment is to: Genesis Joy House, Georgia’s First Comprehensive Transitional Housing Program for Women Veterans.

Women veterans are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States. One out every 10 homeless veterans, under the age of 45, is now a woman. The risk of women veterans becoming homeless is 4X greater than a male veteran. A hard, heartbreaking fact: Homeless female veterans with little or no financial security for childcare can end up losing their children to protective services.

The goal of Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc (Genesis) is to end chronic homelessness among female veterans in our communities. Achieving this goal is complex and requires a holistic approach that address the “total veteran” and her needs. Strategic organizational programming will include leveraging existing resources with committed private and public organizations throughout the Georgia sector and beyond.

Meet Our Founder, Val McLeod

Val has been featured in PEOPLE Magazine and on ABC’s Good Morning America for her achievements. The Founder & CEO of VAL U Life More, LLC, inspired and personally mentored by Dr. Maya Angelou, today, Val McLeod is an accomplished leader, published author, award-winning speaker, management consultant, and sought-after corporate brand partner. She shares her wealth of wisdom and depth of life experience to ignite and increase personal and organizational value. Val looks for every opportunity to offer power-filled perspectives, processes, programs and products that create added ‘V’alue, ‘A’bundance and ‘L’ove. Among her most noble accomplishments, Val is one of the few Level 2 Kingian Nonviolence Certified Trainer/Facilitator/Practitioners in the world.
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