We Will Stand Up So You Won’t Give Up


Vets Lives Matter Now Founding Principles

Veterans and military families are our greatest national treasure.
From Recruitment to Retirement & Beyond We Value, Appreciate, Honor and Respect you.
We will stand up, and you won’t give up.
Vets Lives Matter Now efforts focus 100% on Patriots and 0% on politics.
You are not invisible, NOW We See You – Thank You!

Meet Our Founder Val McLeod

A native of Miami, Florida with 30+ years in public and private sector service, Val is recognized as a stand-out B2B consultant, speaker, thought leader and global influencer. She is well-known by her ability to create innovative approaches that optimize individual and organizational value and strengths.

Esteemed as an advocate, innovator and catalyst of personal, organizational and community growth, development and mobilization, Val was personally mentored by American Poet, Dr. Maya Angelou. Val successfully incorporates the power and principles used to overcome obstacles, obesity and objectification. After once tipping the scales at over 600 pounds, Val most enjoys turning good ideas into results-driven actionable approaches that work. A common saying, “Results make it Real.”

Praised for her proclivity to turn great ideas, into positive action(s), by founding Vets Lives Matter Now, Inc. Val believes this is the greatest opportunity to share her life’s commitment of making a meaning difference in the lives of others.

#VetsLivesMatterNOW #NowWeSeeYou #ItsPersonal #iValU

Get to know more about Val, visit ValMcLeod.com & ValULifeMore.com

What others are saying about the Vet Lives Matter Now movement:

“Wow! I know one thing, if Val is involved, it’s full of love, determination, dedication and authenticity. So, whomever is at the receiving end of her work will be helped and blessed beyond their imagination”
– Lt. (R) Deborah Byars, Miami Dade County
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