We Will Stand Up So You Won’t Give Up

VLMN 5 Pillars


Five Pillars of Focus

Pillar 1

Vets Lives Matter NOW-The Movement:

Provide a national platform for Americans to exemplify everyday value for our veterans and military families.

Vets Lives Matter NOW, in demonstration of our value, appreciate and love for Veterans, we want to hear from you. We are building platforms where you’ll be able to:

  • Interact with us and with one another.
  • Post pictures, videos and stories about your favorite veteran. 
  • Share with the world what their service means to you. 
  • Help others to learn so that their sacrifices will be honored, celebrated and never forgotten.

Pillar 2

You are Not Invisible, NOW we see you

At Vets Lives Matter NOW, we believe Veterans should be treated with utmost appreciation and respect not abuse and neglect. We are advocating for a cultural shift in the way Veterans are treated when seeking care.

Stay connected for the ability to post your stories (good, bad and ugly) of the treatment you receive, and the interactions experienced. We want to reinforce those who are getting it right, and, be proactive with measures of remedy when needed. Together, we can share best and worst practices to advocate for change in throughout the care community.

Mission Act

“The Mission Act allows veterans who have to drive more than 30 minutes to a VA hospital or who have to wait more than 20 days for an appointment to seek medical care from a private health provider in the approved community care network. Since June 6, 2019, the Act also allows veterans to visit urgent care units in the network of more than 5,000 facilities nationwide.”


Vets Lives Matter Now has set a goal to encourage 20,000 more doctors to register with Tri-Care.

Here, we will feature bios of community care doctors detailing why they chose to service the veteran community and why they think it is important for others to join the network.


Pillar 3

Homeless Female Veterans

Women veterans are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States. One out every 10 homeless veterans, under the age of 45, is now a woman. The risk of women veterans becoming homeless is 4X greater than a male veteran. A hard, heartbreaking fact: Homeless female veterans with little or no financial security for childcare can end up losing their children to protective services.

The goal of Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc (Genesis) is to end chronic homelessness among female veterans in our communities. Achieving this goal is complex and requires a holistic approach that address the “total veteran” and her needs.

Genesis Joy House is Vets Lives Matter Now’s flagship initiative. Founder, Executive Director, Margaret Flowers is relentless in her passion and vision to open Georgia’s first comprehensive transitional housing facility for veteran homeless women.

To bring the vision to fruition, Genesis Joy House seeks corporate partners, in-kind and monetary contributions and volunteers with a heart to help get the women “out of the woods” and into the warmth of Genesis, where they can truly begin…again.

To learn more about how you can help, please visit GenesisJoyHouse.com

Pillar 4

Wellness that Works

Innovative methods to addressing veteran wellness have been implemented in communities across the country. Approaches and interventions that provide better understanding and greater awareness of the available resources that promote healthier, more fulfilled and abundant lives.
Vets Lives Matter Now endeavors to build partnerships that offer authentic, available and affordable alternatives.

Options will include: 

  • Nutritional supplements 
  • Support animals
  • Meditation, acupuncture, yoga and other physical fitness programs and so much more.
In order to receive our seal of approval, Vets Lives Matter Now’s trusted Partners will be vetted by the Veterans they serve.

Pillar 5

March for our Vets 2020

Vets Lives Matter NOW holds that patriotism means expressing our gratitude for our veterans continually, consistently and creatively.

On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2020, we are planning a national march in Washington D.C. that will focus 100 percent on our Patriots and 0 percent politics.

As an advocating voice for Veterans and their families, our commitment is to keep standing up before they give up. Join us today.

Our soon-to-launch, Vets Lives Matter Now APP will include March for Our Vets 2020 connectivity with:

  • registration process
  • map of regional partner locations
  • contact information, how to get involved, take action…etc. is forthcoming.
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